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Do You Twoodle?

August 22, 2009

What a week! I have been struggling this week (and many weeks, may be months, before) to focus on too many problems – there are way too many problems. Some problems are breeding new problems. I am less than pleased with Status Quos or Sacred Cows. Nor happy with mediocre results. Since I left Oracle in 2003, I can’t settle for anything less than exceptional. I set my bar so high. All these inspire me to take the road less travelled by. This weekend I am going to force myself in a meditative state to force my mind to gather together conscious thoughts from all that is happening around me and vast unconscious information to create something radically different. I know I need to slow down and give my mind a chance to let creative juices flow in.

I know I have been living in my analytical mind and missing out on the creative musing that opens up to new ideas. It is a beautiful Saturday morning. I took a long walk. When I go on a walk, my mind leaps ahead of my educated incapacities and present me with vivid images and ideas out of nowhere. There is no doubt that walking alone leaves the mind free to observe and dream. I believe it is more important that we get out and walk whether alone or not. If you are suffering from too much of educated incapacities, take some one with you for a walk to enable you to see something unusual or particularly interesting(not just gazing at things – open your mind and heart to see things not visible to your naked eye). Sharing these things can add to our experience. Pick a walking partner who will allow quiet spaces along the way. Or simply walk alone.

This is something I do all the time. If I can’t solve any problem, I take a long walk and come back and to my surprise I can find a better solution. If I get stressed up, I take a long walk. I love to see my mind wander and come back with random bits and bytes of ideas. I am wondering all the time how should I create a space for my alpha waves in my brain and stop letting my brain take a ride on theta (drowsiness) and delta (deep sleep) waves. Walking with constant inflow of new images and ideas, give us new thoughts that nourish us. It replenishes our over tapped creative well and gives us a sense of whatever you call it. We are reminded we are a physical being who is part of something far greater. It opens our senses to the world around us and to the world within. We become larger than we were, something more. We see with perceptive eyes. We become aware of our self in the greater scheme of things. We create a fertile ground for fostering creativity, imagination, and compassion.

I am sitting in my backyard and carefully listening to the bird chirps. Every time I sit and listen to bird chirps or watch bird fly in formation, that generate huge burst of alpha waves and inspires me to wander all over the place I never wandered before. What a great refreshing morning? I can see grass grow. I can smell the things I can’t smell before. Though clouds out side pulls me back into the musings of Cloud computing, I am trying to control my thoughts to stay with me and listen to my heart.

I have a very bad habit of journaling. i write everything that comes to my mind. I let thoughts come in without an immediate purpose or with any pressure to accomplish. I write something. It doesn’t matter if I grumble about something – planning my next week or describing a view out side of my library room window musing at the mountains. I believe that writing let go of those unresolved things that fill my mind. It then gives me a tool for gathering my insights and dreams as well as sorting things out. Sometimes regrets and irritations would dominate most of my notes. As I let those accumulated latent energies to flow out, then I started to create more room for appreciation of the beauty around my creative thoughts and me. I am reading through volumes of these notes and started to see solutions to most of the problems I have been trying to solve for weeks, if not months.

I feel so relaxed! Go twoodle (I coined this term meaning “act of taking a long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering without using Twitter, Google, and Web searching to generate bursts of alpha waves to simulate creativity, imagination, and compassion“) then?

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  1. gopi permalink
    August 28, 2009 10:38 pm

    Hi SK Reddy,

    This one is ver much i also do the samething to push myself out of problems.just take long walk and sure land with some solution to my problem.


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