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Talking to Myself. Reinforcing My Values. Then Me to We.

September 19, 2009

Soliloquy. Talking to myself. Back in Chicago for weekend. Weekends in Chicago are fabulous and gives me an opportunity to critically look back and find better ways to do my job. It is a great time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Surprisingly, there are always better ways to do things. But we only accept what we are comfortable with. Conformance bias. Lot of room for improvement. But, we never put effort to listen to our inner-self.

I took a long walk on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is refreshing. A friend walked with me thrown a different perspective at things of interest to me. I am Looking myself into a mirror and asking myself tough questions. Actively listening to what my inner-self is signaling or trying to warn me. I have lot to learn from myself, people around me, and my own mistakes I make everyday. How can I afford to miss learning from my own mistakes.

This weekend I am onto mastering the art of interpreting ratios, numbers and figuring out what makes sense and what doesn’t; how to make change work – leading change, understanding what lies in the heart of change, how to do it right, and how to make it sustainable. Clearly, leaders are not born, they are made. I am on to a long journey to get my grips on how to transform and create value to shareholders; and learn how to do it ethically, responsibly and legally. It is a long and exciting journey ahead. I am deep in the jungle. It takes same amount of pain and peril to move forward as it takes to run backwards. So, no looking backward. Marching forward with enriched wisdom and courage. I am confident that I can make a whole lot of difference with all my new wisdom.

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